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About the Artist


 "With a strong emphasis on psychedelic funk featured within his art, Kevin Barrett, formally known as Heaven LeBarren, is sure to help you spread your wings. Although he was born in a remote, sheltered part of Iowa, don't let that fool you. His innovative artistic trends are what finding your true self is all about."
- Aaron Malvern



 First I'd like to say thanks for stopping by and checking out all this crazy stuff! I sincerely appreciate it, if it wasn't for you guys supporting me, there's no way I'd have time to make this all happen. While it is true that I hail from Iowa, but not exactly a remote or sheltered city. The Quad Cities are extremely picturesque and are becoming a hub of creativity and modernization in the state. I chose to go to college in Colorado after experiencing the mountains, cities, and raw beauty this amazing place has to offer, although working in Tahoe definitely encouraged my affinity for those majestic peaks. I graduated with a printmaking concentration from CSU and after a brief stint in Chicago designing pins and apparel, I've recently moved back to where I feel most creative and at home, Colorado. I've always wanted to create my own clothing and now I can finally dress exactly the way I picture myself :)
My ultimate goal is to create custom clothing, so your apparel is unique to yourself. Catch me on the festival circuit!

M3Festival, Desert Hearts, Lightning in a Bottle, One Vibration, Backwoods, Sonic Bloom, Compound Sound, Arise, Shambhala, Wave Spell, Jumpsuit Family Gathering, Juniper Jam, and Same Same But Different!
For any and all questions or comments you can email me at
My cell number is 563-271-1155 if you'd like to say hi.